Jennings Brothers Gloucester Sailor.

We’re offering a Pair of Jennings Brothers “The Gloucester Sailor” Circa 1929 book ends. They are sculptures from the monument, “They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships” in Gloucester, MA. Plated white metal with bronze verdigris finish. They measure 8” high x 4 ¼” wide x 3 ½” deep, Inscribed: JB #2653 Leonard Craske (sculptor). Both bookends have felt on bottom. The inscription is on the back of the book end. “They That Go Down To The Sea in Ships” is the name of a 1923 monument to the fisherman of Gloucester Massachusetts. The sculpture was created by Leonard Craske from a sketch of a painting by A. W. Buhler showing a schooner helmsman with his eyes fixed on the sails while he held close to the wind to avoid dangerous rocks.


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Product Category: Bookends, Bronze & Brass

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