Jennings Brothers Bookends

Wonderful Jennings Brothers German Shepherds Bookends. Each bookend has two full bodied German Shepherds looking quite regal. Jennings Brothers opened in 1890 in Bridgeport Conn. and specialized in metal art and maintained a staff of artists and sculptors to craft their metal art objects (“Nouveau” metal art) which included clocks, bookends, statues, metal cases, candelabras and some silver-plated utensils. Their original items were signed with the initials “JB” on each piece and both pieces are signed with the letters JB and the number 1922. This pair is made of white metal and bronzed to give it a wonderful finish. The condition is almost perfect as both large German Shepherds have had the tips of their left ear professionally repaired. It’s almost impossible to tell but they have been restored. They date to 1920’s and the measurements are 7” wide x 5 ¾” High x 4 ½” Depth.

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Product Category: Bronze & Brass

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