Murano Italy Blue Ribbon Glass Vase

This is a vintage Venetian Murano, Italy blue and white art glass han-kerchief vase/bowl. The Italian description includes the terms zanfirico (fine filigree canes which have been stretched and twisted to form beautiful lattice patterns), latticino (colored glass canes), filigrana (glass rods that have a colored core encased in clear glass to create swirls and stripes), and fazzoletto (handkerchief or ruffled shape).  The vase/bowl has blue ribbon that is twisted and the edges are slightly darker blue than the center.  It also has white lattice pattern with fine crisscrossing strands. It is hand-blown and has a rough pontil on the bottom. The vase/bowl is in perfect condition and the measurements are as follows: It is approximately 5″ tall at the tallest point and approximately 5.5″ wide at the widest point

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Product Category: Elegant Glassware

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