Murano Venetian Ribbon Glass Bell with Latticino Canes

We’re offering a Murano Venetian Ribbon Glass Bell with Latticino Canes. It is extremely colorful with shades of red, green, pink, blue and yellow. The clapper is crystal a gives a loud ring when picked up. The beautiful hand blown glass bell is excellent condition without any chips cracks or repairs. The measurements are 5-½” high x 3 ¾” diameter.
Over 500 years ago the Venetians rediscovered and developed new techniques in the production of murrini, millifiori and filigree glass that were over 2000 years old and originally invented in Mesopotamia in the Middle East. These techniques were refined by the Serino brothers who held a patent on the process for 10 years before others on the island were allowed to use their techniques and imitate their style. Prior to the 1600’s, these techniques were shrouded in mystery, having been kept a guarded secret on the island of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon. Glass wares created in Murano were commonly given to royalty and dignitaries from around the globe. It is because of this mystery and their highly skilled abilities that the Venetians are renowned to this day for their glass.

Product Category: Elegant Glassware

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