Bohemian Ruby Goblet Queen Lace

Bohemian Ruby Crystal Goblet by
Queen Lace Co. Hand cut polished
Wild Life Design. Engraved by hand.
Americana design: Wild Ducks In Flight
Queen Lace Crystal Goblet-Wild Ducks in Flight The Queen Lace Co. Bavarian crystal manufactured at the foot of the Black Forest (Germany) is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is made entirely by hand, each piece mouth blown, handcut and then polished by master craftsmen. During the final phase, the incredible detail of each scene emerges as the wildlife design is engraved by hand using a 50 flying copper wheel technique first developed during the Renaissance. One detail engraving can take more than 12 hours to create!

Period:        19th century
Height:       8 1/7”
Diameter:   4 ½”
Price:    SOLD

Product Category: Elegant Glassware

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