Herschede Grandmother Clock

This is a charming Mahogany Herschede Grandmother Clock made by Herschede Hall Clock Company. This is a smaller version of the Grandfather Clock so your area would not have to be as large to get the same quality and sound as Herschede’s Grandfather Clock. It rings on the quarter hour and chimes either a Canterbury or Westminster Chime on the hour. The condition of the mahogany cabinet is excellent and the face is in very good condition with slight wear as shown in the picture. The pendulum is solid brass and the Grandmother Clock dates to 1929 with measurements of Height 6’ x Depth 8” x Width 12”.
Herschede was known as the premier clock maker during the period of time this clock was made. By 1927 the Herschede Hall Clock Company had added a pair of smaller lines of clocks, including a “grandmother” clock (about 6’ in height) and a “petite” clock (generally under 7’ in height). These were produced in the same styles as the larger hall clocks.


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