Bust of CARMELA by Emmanuel Villanis

Offering a cold painted gold cast metal bust of Carmela by renowned French Art Nouveau sculptor E. Villanis. “CARMELA” to the front of base. Un-Signed. C 1880-1900 The Bronzed statue of Carmela by Villnis is handmade and cast in the traditional lost cast waxing process.  This insures a quality bronze sculpture that is passed down from generation to generation.  Villanis was an Italian born sculpture in the 1800’s.  Almost all of Villanis sculptures are exclusively female.  Villanis had a few techniques which he applied to his works to really make them identifiable.  He would artistically scroll the woman’s name below her face.  He also made his woman’s faces perfect using a deep cut for the eyes which were a contrast to trying to sculpt the natural eye ball at the time.

This great heirloom art piece will anchor any Art Nouveau, sculpture or Villanis collection and will command attention regardless of where you choose to display her.

Height: 16 inches Width:10 inches: 5″ Depth Condition: Excellent – Only Very Minor Wear Commensurable With Age.

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Product Category: Bronze & Brass, Miscellaneous, Objects of Art

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