Silver Soldered Tea Pot Bellevue-Stratford Hotel

Silver Soldered Tea Pot Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. The tea pot was made by the International Silver Company which specialized in making Hotel eating utensils for elegant hotels. The base and collar encircle the tea pot with repousse fan and floral designs. A goose neck spout, half ball finial and elegantly curved handle make this 14Oz. tea pot very attractive. There are a few dimples but doesn’t do anything to take away from overall appearance of this sturdy sweet collectible hotel tea pot with the following measurements: 6.5” High x 7” Wide x 4” Depth. Having a piece of the “hotel’s finest silver” is not only a wonderful artifact from that hotel, but depending on its condition, it also may be well suited for actual functional usage. Due to its almost virtual indestructibility, but also stunning appearance, actual usage of “quality” hotel silver has become very popular, not only for entertaining, but also for everyday usage for many people Hotel silver was made to last the ages. And it’s virtual indestructibility its durable copper composition with a heavy plate of silver soldered – nickel silver made the piece not only durable to last several years, but also exquisite in its appearance. What better way to have a window to the past than to actually be able to have a completely authentic piece of the hotel’s silver in your collection? One might also imagine the countless persons that enjoyed the dining ambience and experience in the years past from the exact same piece that you now own in your collection.

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