Walnut Wall Boot Jack Shoe Shine

This is an extremely unique American Antique Walnut Boot Jack Shoe Shine Wall Cabinet. You would mount the walnut cabinet to the wall and when you open it the black metal boot jack rests on the floor and acts as a support. When opened it exposes a black metal shoe shine stand for you to rest your boot upon while shining and inside is plenty of room to store your polish elements. Once your boot is cleaned you may lift the boot jack portion to help remove your boot. The walnut cabinet is accentuated by black metal trim on the bottom and of course the boot jack itself is ornate with an interesting pattern running up and down and a molded Pa’ t date of Nov. 4, 90. The door is held in place by a brass painted black snap latch. This is a must have for someone who collects Boot Jacks, Loves Horses or Owns a Farm for you may never find another. The Boot Jack Shoe Shine Wall Cabinet is in excellent condition and dates to 1890’s. Measurements are as follows; Closed 27″ High x 6″ Wide x 4 1/4″ Depth. When the boot Jack is opened to support the Shoe Shine portion it is 16 3/8″ High by 25″ Depth.

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