Revolving Bookcase Signed John Danner

Mahogany Revolving Bookcase signed Trademark Danner

Here is a wonderful revolving bookcase signed by John Danner who designed and patented this type of bookcase in 1876. The beauty of the bookcase is it holds so many books in such a small area and is extremely sturdy rotating with a flick of the wrist. There are three shelves and the conditions is excellent with the following measurements: 20” square x 46” High.

John Danner (March 10, 1823 – ?) invented and patented (May 16, 1876) the pivot and post revolving bookcase. His bookcase hangs suspended from a simple cast iron bearing which sits on top of an inner column or post. The revolving mechanism consists of two nesting cast iron cones that provide a precise pivot point supporting the entire weight of the bookcase. The top support suspension design addressed the binding and racking problems of previous bottom bearing Lazy Susan type bookcases. “These cases, with their immense load, revolve with a slight touch of the hand; are noiseless in operation, and will last a lifetime.” Originally designed to hold 32 volumes of the Encyclopedia, it is a compact, rotating bookcase. “It is a square of 20 inches taking up no more room on the floor than an ordinary chair.


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